Size: 33 cm x 45 cm   |  100 PADS 

Size: 45 cm x 60 cm   |    50 PADS



Excellent Absorption - Super absorbent polymer (SAP) turns liquid into gel immediately, providing maximum absorption.

Fast-Drying - Fast-drying surface on the top instantly locks in moisture, keeping paws dry and no moisture tracking.

Locks in Water - Super absorbent polymer (SAP) and pure wood pulp work together to keep urine locked in place. 

Protect Floors - The bottom layer and sealed edge prevent tracking and leaking, protecting your floors and carpets.

Easy to Use - Just replace with a new pad when needed. It’s extremely convenient and practical, saves you time from cleaning.

Gentle and Safe - Made with quality materials, it’s gentle on their paws and safe for them.



Carbon has an exceptionally large surface area of microscopic pores. It helps absorb and eliminate odours, keeping air clean and fresh. 



Step 1. Place pad on a safe place. 

Step 2. Place your pet on the pad.

Step 3. If your pet urinates somewhere else, just say “No”. Then return your pet on the pad.  Repeat until it finally learns. 

Step 4. Once learnt, reward pets with praise and a treat to reinforce good behaviour.



Keep pads away from children and fire.

Keep pads away from your pet’s eating area. 

Don’t yell or punish your pet when he urinates somewhere else. This will just make it harder for it to learn. 

Do not throw pads into toilet.